Ringing in the New Year with the King

Jan 1, 2015  |     |   General

It has been busy here at the Open Door Mission. Yet we cannot forget why we are here serving at the mission. I am a Registered Nurse and it is important to triage and care for the most needy. We have to do spiritual triage all the time for our homeless guests and students.  We need to stop and take that moment when we are talking to people and whether it is case management or an intake. If an individual responds to God’s calling,  prompting them to welcome Him into their hearts, we are always ready and willing to share the gospel and give them the HOPE of eternal life through the gift of Jesus Christ. That is how i rang in the New Year. A young man who came into the mission late last night seeking safe, warm shelter sand a hot meal. Once he was settled in, he began to ask questions on how he can allow Christ into his heart. Hallalullia! 

What a way to crown the year of 2014. My prayer is for all of us to be able to have the pleasure of leading many to the Lord in 2015. God bless and happy New Year!
Greg J. 
Intake/ Case Manager