Rewarding Investments

Aug 14, 2009  |     |   General

When we think of investments our minds usually wander to the New York Stock Exchange. Better news has been coming from that venue lately and that is a relief to all who have experienced the recent downward ride of the market roller coaster.

Yet, I invite you to think of investments in a more profound manner, that is, the investments that we make in people. Parents know the joy as well as the occasional heartaches associated with investments of time, energy, hope, care, love, and yes, money, in their children. Seeing joy in a child’s face or a child beaming with pride after a worthy accomplishment is more rewarding than any Dow Jones Industrial up-tick. This spring and summer my wife and I had the joy of seeing our younger child receive her bachelor’s degree and her older brother receive his Master’s degree. Each child is spiritual grounded and with their education intact they are ready for adult life. Wonderful dividends indeed!

Please think of the wonderful people, family and friends, that you have invested in and the joy that has brought to your life. In fact, stop and appreciate all those folk that have invested their hearts and souls in you and what a blessing that is to you.

Investing in others and seeing their lives blossom are the greatest quarterly reports we can ever experience. The time, talent, and treasure that folk share with the Open Door Mission are investments in people who are the most vulnerable in our community. Seeing people come to new life in Christ at the Open Door Mission and seeing them escape from poverty and homelessness as they develop stability with new life skills brings one a sense of gratitude that beats the results from any balance sheet.

Your prayer support and gifts shared with the Open Door Mission are a great investment, indeed!

Scott Shreve,
Senior Development Director