Erick, one of the guests staying in the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, approached me this morning and asked me if I knew an older man with the walker that was also currently residing at the Mission.
I acknowledged that I did know him, and what I heard next is a story I can’t make up.  Erick said, “I just found out, he is my Grandpa!”
He hasn’t had much, if any, contact with that side of his family throughout his life.  The last time he remembers seeing them was when his grandmother passed away in 2000.  Erick said something drew him to his grandfather yesterday to help him with some coffee.  When the elderly man looked up, he immediately knew who Erick was and called him by name. Erick then realized it was his grandfather who he was helping.

Pray for this as they are reunited with each other and catch up.  I guess now we know another reason why Erick was brought here to Open Door Mission.

Darryl Price
Day House Supervisor

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