Reunited for a Purpose

Yesterday, one of our wonderful volunteers shared a story with me and I felt it worth sharing.
Mary has been faithfully volunteering for the past 8 months here at the Timberlake Outreach Center. She shared with me that she knew God had brought her to Open Door Mission, but was not sure why.
She said it was made clear to her one day a few weeks ago when her estranged brother showed back up in her life. After 10 years of silence, her brother Charlie told her the past 10 years he has spent strung out on meth and living on the streets. Now he has serious health issues and has chosen to go back to the streets to live out his life.
Through tears she shared that coming to Open Door Mission has educated her about homelessness and has given her a heart of compassion for those in need. Her volunteering had prepared her to be reunited with her brother.
There is much more to her story but for now I would ask that we say a prayer for Gods peace to rest on them.

Laura Keen

Homeless Prevention Director
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