Resurrection Eggs

Mar 25, 2020  |     |   General

As Easter approaches children (and adults) often get caught up in the idea of the Easter Bunny with baskets of goodies and lots of candy. Helping children to understand the true meaning of Easter can seem complicated and gets lost in ideas of bunnies and colored eggs.  Open Door Mission strives to make sure that even the children staying here know the story of Easter, the Jesus story of Easter.

A simple tool to explain the true Easter story to children (and even adults) is a “carton of Resurrection eggs”. You can make your own carton or you can purchase them from a variety of stores. (Google Resurrection eggs to get the eggs or ideas) Just what are Resurrection eggs…they a dozen plastic eggs, each filled with a special symbol or reminder of the Easter story. They can be used all at once to tell the Easter story or as a countdown to Easter Sunday. The “eggs” can be used with any age, the depth of the telling is based on the child’s comprehension. The story telling can be a one-on-one time or a family time. We need to teach our children the true joyous story of Easter, a carton of Resurrection eggs can make it easy and fun.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator