Read A Book

Today is Read a book Day…so make an effort to take time to read, for yourself and to your children. Reading is magical…it can transport you to a different time period, introduce you to fascinating people of history and it can teach you almost anything. Books are especially important in a child’s life, and not to just entertain them. Reading increases even a young child’s vocabulary. Reading to a child or having them read to you, helps them develop focus, a vital skill in school. Children that are read to or read will be more successful academically. Succeeding academically helps break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Books are expensive and many families living in poverty don’t have the money in the budget. Yes, there are libraries, but they are often far from the less privileged neighborhoods. This is where you can make a difference.

Do you have books your children have “outgrown”? Are your shelves too full to get more books? I have the perfect solution…donate to Open Door Mission. We serve our guests, as well as the community of working poor. Your love of reading can open a whole new world for others. Children would have a wide selection of quality books to choose from. Teens especially could benefit from your donations of old favorites to new authors. For the adults there would be books to entertain or provide new information and learning. You never know, the book you donate could inspire someone to reach beyond poverty and homelessness. Make a difference, share a book.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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