Rain, Rain, Go Away..

April 18, 2008  |     |   General

It has a been a long week full of rain and mud and more rain and mud.

Thankfully, volunteers come out rain or shine. Volunteers are awesome and committed to the Open Door Mission and those that are served. Below is a quote from Open Door Misison’s Public Realations Director, Trudi Bils.

SunRidge Village Retirement Community volunteers at Open Door Mission once a month, and never have trouble finding things to get into!Thursday, we found a large group of seniors doing some “bean counting” in our Timberlake Outreach Center. Grouped together behind long tables in the back of the room, they sat sorting and bagging thousands of uncooked legumes (black beans, to be precise). The beans were provided through a caring donor of Open Door Mission. We are so grateful for our volunteers, regardless of shape, size or age! Open Door Mission couldn’t get it done with them!

Yesterday, on the Inside the Open Door Mission radio show I had some great guests; Ed Shada whom coordinated the Homeless Connect event for 60 service providers and more than 300 homeless. He did a great job just check out his website www.homelessconnect.org. Tina a fabulous mother of four whom has lost her job due to health related problems with cancer. She has been empowered through the ministry of the Open Door Mission’s Timberlake Outreach Center. Then Pastor Sara from the Presbyterian Church of the Master shared about their 45 youth participating in annual Round Town Mission Day during spring break. This group did some fabulous things for God at the Open Door Mission during their time off school.

Saturday is full of opportunities…we are cleaning our walk in freezers or so I am told. This will take a lot of manpower. I will look forward to showing you those pictures.

If you are looking for grrrreat music just stop by Presbyterian Church of the Cross on 1517 S. 114th St. On Sunday at 7:00 p.m. There will be a church choir festival to benefit the Open Door Mission and Lydia House.

Okay ..I am calling it a day. Tomorrow morning, I will be back on campus for an Open House from 9:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m with a breakfast buffet to boot.