Purple Out

Nov 6, 2015  |     |   General

     In case you missed it, November 1, 2015 was officially Open Door Mission Day.  Facebook pictures were purpled out, Chick Fil A handed out free chicken sandwiches in exchange for canned food donations, and the Woodmen Tower in downtown Omaha was lit up purple.  It was quite the occasion!  Our prayer is that all of our supporters, donors, volunteers, staff, and friends feel an attachment to Open Door Mission, almost like alumni to their high school.  That people enjoyed the opportunity to wear purple and represent all the Lord is doing at Open Door Mission.
     That was definitely the atmosphere among Open Door Mission’s staff this past week; just like Homecoming Spirit Week!  Staff were going great lengths to out-purple one another.  Attached is a snapshot of the many photos sent back and forth, showing purple pride.  Comments with the photos included, “Great runner up pictures,” “Still winning,” and “Our purple beats yours.”
     It’s easy to get behind a cause that you truly believe in.  And Open Door Mission is definitely one of those causes. 

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator