Providing a Safe Place

     I appreciate what you at Open Door Mission do to help people in need. Because of you, many people are able to have the assistance they need and deserve. People who at a time couldn’t work are able to be put back on their feet. Thank you for providing a safe place. I wish more people were aware of how important it is to provide funds to your organization and to volunteer.
The organization brings all kinds of people together to help each other and accepts all. It is uplifting to see people being so kind to others and putting their needs before their own. I have volunteered at the Mission before and have seen the love and compassion that people show each other. The people who are there aren’t shunned or discriminated against for going through hard times and are shown respect. That is one of the best parts of Open Door Mission.
The cycle of poverty and addiction is ended because of the empathy and compassion that your organization shows. There is a sense of hope for the future in Open Door Mission. It provides for families and makes everyone there feel loved and welcome. It is very necessary for our city to have a place that has its doors open to all. Thank you for your contributions in making our society as kind and loving as it can be.

Open Door Mission Volunteer

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