Praying is POWERFUL

At Open Door Mission, we set aside a time once a week to pray for our leadership team.
Human Resources Director Amy Buss left a message of thankfulness for all of us praying for Senior Leadership.
I have had Candace and Amy both come up and ask if I would bring a prayer request to those that meet to pray for them.
Prayer is such a game changer!  We get to literally TALK TO GOD!  Are anyone else’s minds blown at that? As I learn more about God’s character the more I’m convinced that it is honoring to HIM to honor those in authority over us. Not only honor them, but fight for them!
If our leaders are healthy, then our organization is healthy. Pray these qualities continue to blossom from our leaders. Let’s continue to lift up our leaders! God put them into a position of authority with heavier burdens to carry.

Josh Smith
Heartland Hands Coordinator

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