Prayers for a Man on the Edge

We have a guest who paroled out of prison a few months prior, with no intention of winding up at Open Door Mission. He initially stayed at a halfway house and started working. However, within a few weeks, he relapsed on his old drug of choice,    K-2. His parole officer relocated him here at the Mission and he joined the New Life Recovery Program (NLRP). Initially, he was upset he was not allowed to have full-time employment while in the program and tried to get out. Though, several weeks have passed by and he has settled in a bit.

In the midst of our conversations, this man had some unsettling questions about himself and God that he has had his whole life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? The Lord opened the door wide for me to share with him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we talked and read the scriptures, I could see the wheels turning inside his head as he asked questions and pondered these truths. He is on the edge, not yet ready to make that commitment. I told him that he is on dangerous ground for two reasons. First, we are not promised tomorrow. Second, if you make that step of faith in Jesus, then you can never be the same man again. God will change you from the inside out, so you must be ready to give him everything.

As it turns out, this man has eight months of parole left until he is completely free. The NLRP also happens to be an eight month program. Coincidence? No such thing. God brought him to this program for a reason. HE is in control and desires for this man to come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  Please pray that this man will come to know Jesus and be changed forever.

Jacob Carr
Recovery Case Manager

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