Prayers Being Answered

Oct 24, 2017  |     |   General

Would you consider volunteering with John Michael at Open Door
Mission’s South Omaha Family/Outreach Donation Center? Walk ins
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     One of my clients has come to our center a few times and received some items. However, last time she came, she was terrified. She said that a friend had taken $500 she had needed for a court fine in four days. Her worry was compounded by the knowledge that the judge had already given her a six-week extension on paying that fine. She and I prayed together that she wouldn’t go to jail and that God would provide.
     She came in recently and told me that the judge had given her another three-week extension. She had come because she was worried and stressed about getting the money since she doesn’t have a job. She said she could have gone to someone else, but she felt like something—or Someone—was leading her here.
     I prayed with her, and both of us felt the sweet presence of the Lord. 
     Keep this woman, Sara, in your prayers if you could. I would love for us as a Mission to be able to join together and watch God provide for her in miraculous and astounding ways. 

John Michael Den Hartog
South Omaha Outreach Manager