Prayer Power

Nov 27, 2013  |     |   General


“Prayer is important.” As my experience in full time ministry expands, I am more and more aware of this truth.  It isn’t a plattituted the pastor says to get people to do another action. It is an essential component to the progress of the Kingdom of God.

We as servants and workers of the harvest cannot make it without we ourselves doing this. We have to have that lifeline in place to the Father of the Heavenly Lights. We can only survive for a short time with our breaths (prayers) held in before we collapse, passed out. Without our communication with The Mighty Counselor we become fatigued and exhausted and our “cup” runs dry. We NEED our communication with our father.

We as servants and workers of the harvest cannot thrive without having this done for us as well. Intercession and uplifting is essential to our “body” being strong. The head cares what happens to the foot and vice versa, because without one another there would be death and great pain. Same is true in our everyday lives. God pushes us to pray for our brethren, and we are compelled to call out to God for others. We see struggles and want to be sure to cast the concerns to the courts of the most high that his mighty hand would be at work.

So as I move forward in life and ministry, prayer becomes more paramount. I hope that you too see this in the Word and begin to dive in to the communication with God. He texts too! I have found writing out prayers is very focusing as well, as it forces one to slow down and be engulfed in what you are doing even more. I now understand the saying, and now say it “I covet your prayers.” As do we all here at Open Door Mission. Be it the guests we serve, the volunteers that help, or the staff that labor, the covering you can provide is…. Important (to say the least).

Taylor Clinch
Permanent Supportive Housing Director, Open Door Mission