Prayer Changes Lives

Mar 6, 2020  |     |   General

Today is the World Day of Prayer. My world of prayer revolves around Open Door Mission. Prayer hems everyday at the Mission. Everyone understands the value of prayer, staff, guests and even our donors and volunteers. All of us covet the prayers of those that pray for us. We are well aware that is through the strength of Christ working in our lives, that our lives and the lives of others are changed. Prayer is any “easy” way to be a part of someone’s life. It needs no special skills, no special equipment and no great eloquence…just a heart for others.

For many of our guests being at Open Door Mission changes not only their life, but their heart too. We encourage them to seek the Lord’s wisdom and help. For new Christians, and “old” Christians, devotional guides and prayer journals help them grow closer to God. Are you willing to donate no longer used individual Bible study guides or devotional books?  We need devotionals for all ages! Perhaps you get a monthly devotion guide in the mail, please consider donating them to Open Door Mission instead of recycling. Sharing God’s word can be done in many ways besides face-to-face. Donations of Bibles (all versions), devotionals and pray guides/journals is one of those ways. Make sure you pray over your donations. You may not know how you made a difference in a life until you get to Heaven-but what joy knowing you did make that difference.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator