Praises for Disciple Making

Nov 3, 2017  |     |   General

     My heart here at Open Door Mission is once guests know Jesus and have personal relationships that they would be in community with other believers and be disciple to grow in their faith. One of my female guests has felt hurt by women in the past and was not ready to live life with other women. I talked with her about being in community with other women and why it is so important for my spiritual walk. It’s such a blessing, and I want her to enjoy that too. I would talk to her about what living out our faith daily looks like, and how being mentored has helped me to grow and know the Bible. I told her sometimes it’s as simple as asking someone at church to read a Christian book together or be intentional about reading the Bible together. 
     She took a step of faith and asked a friend to study the Bible with her intentionally and read a specific passage to discuss it and grow together. At the same time, she started attending church, but cannot go to their study due to time conflicts. The church told her we will find a woman who wants to do the study with you one-on-one, because they wanted her to be a part of it!
     Praise the Lord for pouring out his love on this guest through the women that reached out to include her. What a testimony that God can take something that was hard in a person’s life and use it to redeem and bless His people, to show his people that they are loved, cherished and wanted by Him and the community of believers!

Trudy Woodward
Permanent Supportive Housing Director