Power of a Testimony…Part 2

May 24, 2016  |     |   General

     Yesterday, I shared a testimony a recent graduate had sent me.  Today, I’d like to share a testimony from someone currently in Open Door Mission’s Journey to Work Program.  May his story inspire you!

My name is Shawn and I am writing this letter to thank all staff, donors, and volunteers at Open Door Mission.  I am thankful for everything that the Mission has done thus far to help me rebuild my life, allowing me to continue to reconnect with my family.
I am currently employed party time, and am very lucky that my boss is willing to take me to and from work.  My brother is offering me another great job landscaping as soon as I have a car and license, and I would really like to pursue this.  Landscaping is something I really enjoy and am becoming very passionate about.
I have a father that lives about 40 minutes away.  I haven’t spent a lot of time with him throughout my life, but we are really starting to connect now.  I really value the relationship that we are building.  I take my son out to see his grandpa as much as I can.  My dad is in his sixties and really appreciates when I can come out on the weekends and help with some of the upkeep on his farm and properties.

     Read tomorrow to hear the rest of Shawn’s powerful testimony!

Candace Gregory