Position Change, a hidden blessing

Jun 4, 2010  |     |   General

I began a change of duties at the Mission when the new Lydia House opened in January. For over two years, I had been working in the Children and Youth Department and I was not sure that I would like the switch. It was hard not working close to the children whom I grew to know and love. Then the change of duties and schedule began. I have always worked during the day, but the change would require me to work as Night Watch Supervisor. It was hard for me to think about not being in much contact with people during those hours.

Now its been almost six months since I started working the night shift and it is a blessed change! I realize now that God has placed me in this position for a reason and I do enjoy working those hours. I do sleep during the day, but I am getting adjusted. I do miss working closely with the children, but I get to see them when they wake up. It has been great to minister to single women and families who need assistance during the overnight hours. A lot of my work is data entry, which has increased my knowledge of Excel, and other programs. One of my jobs is waking the clients and issuing medications. I begin the day with a cheerful weather forecast which informs the clients and seems to begin their day praising the Lord. Again, it has been an adventure working 12AM-8AM, but still a blessing.

Janice M. Loud
Lydia House Night Watch Supervisor

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