Poor Canadian Connection

Aug 5, 2007  |     |   General

For those of you that emailed inquiring about my whereabouts for Thursdays Radio Show
” Inside the Open Door With Candace” heard weekly on KCRO 660AM at 4:00 p.m., I apologize but I was at a water park with my family in Moncton New Brunswick. The reception was not good enough to go live. Infact on the third try with my cell phone standing on practically one foot and leaning to the north, I was able to have a conversation with Charity before the show started. But have no fear, I will be able to call in on a land line this coming Thursday.It is going to be a great jam packed show. Hope you can tune in via radio or Internet at http://www.kcro.com/

Back to the water park, check it out at http://www.magicmountain.ca/ My family had a great time. WE especially enjoyed the lazy river ride. My husband, Steve and my son Samuel rode the KAMAKOZEE, not once but twice, if you can imagine. Take a look at the steep slide.

Well, I am keeping up with the reading, just finished a hilariously funny, non fiction, These boots are not made for walking. It was quite the chuckle.

This afternoon, we travelled to Fredericton, New Brunswick to a family reunion. This really was quite fun. Now, get out the atlas or the globe and check it out. We flew into Portland, ME, and are staying in Bellisle, New Brunswick and have been to Saint John, Sussex, Fredericton, Hampton and Moncton.

We are hoping for a nice day tomorrow for water skiing, ski biscuiting, paddle boating, swimming and making sand castles and mud pies at the beach. It is a holiday,here, celebrating New Brunswick day.

I received an update regarding Back to School Bash on Friday. We are really low on three ring binders and character book bags for the younger children. Please spread the word.