Pie in face AGAIN!

May 14, 2012  |     |   General

I am blessed to know an awesome lady that is very involved with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Most of the time Pam is one of my favorite people…until she decides to encourage the scouts to really get out there and sell cookies, popcorn or collect coats for Open Door Mission. Her troops are great supporters of Open Door Mission collecting coats in the winter and donating “Care & Share” cookies in the Spring. When the kids succeed and even go beyond goals they get to “pie” leaders, principals and me! It really is a lot of fun with laughter and plenty of Cool Whip pies. Yes, I will do just about anything to get donations for Open Door Mission. If you would like to get your troop or organization involved in giving back to the community please contact Maggie Cope to set up a drive. If you really want to have fun…I will even take a pie in the face for your efforts!
Maggie Cope
Communication Coordinator
Open Door Mission