Pie Day

Yesterday was Pie Day, do you like pie?  Pie tends to be a “special” dessert, served on Thanksgiving and other celebrations. Most of the time we think of pie as a sweet treat, but there are savory pies. Savory pies are a great way to stretch ingredients to feed more people. Have you ever thought that maybe you could lead a group of volunteers to help in the kitchen? Your volunteer group could bring all the fixings for a comforting delicious chicken pie. Cans of vegetables, some rotisserie chickens, potatoes, jars of gravy and cans of soup (or gravy mixes) can combine to make a nutritious dish. Top with biscuits, pie crust, puff pastry or phyllo and you have a delicious all in one meal. The best part is the joy blessing others with a homemade meal.

To make your volunteering experience even “richer” bring some sweet pies for dessert…don’t forget the whipped cream and ice cream to top them off.



Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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