Persevering to the End

I was born September 9, 1988 In Tulsa, Oklahoma. What lead me to the Open Door Mission was a combination of bad choices and bad decision making. I lost one of my kids to C.P.S, which led me down a rough road for the past two years of my life. I felt like I just didn’t care about anything. All I wanted was to drink, do drugs, and smoke cigarettes.
My life began to turn around after being out of work for five months. I realized I had to start doing more on my son’s behalf to make sure that he would not be lost in the system! So I made the decision to put my selfish and stubborn thinking aside; and to put forth more effort into making sure I would not lose him.
My end to a new beginning came when I walked through the doors of the Open Door Mission. At first, I was in the ‘I don’t want to be here’ stage. My motivational drive was that I had to do it for my kid. So, I stuck it out! It was a tough battle between myself and the guidelines I had to follow to get here. After being held back a couple of times, I was getting frustrated with the decisions I was making. But, I stuck it out.
Since then, I have obtain my G.E.D, gotten baptized on a lake on top of a mountain, and gotten closer to GOD. I am also just a few steps away from being reunited with my son. I would like to thank everyone from the Open Door Mission staff, the programmers, and everyone associated with the Open Door Mission. Thank you to my family, close friends, and all of the positive support that has been a true asset in my recovery.
My future plans are to continue down the path that GOD wants me to follow, and also be a positive role model for my three children and take care of them to the best of my ability. My favorite bible verse is Colossians 3:23,  Whatever you do, work heartily as For The Lord and not for men.

Damien Walker
New Life Recovery Program Graduate

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