Permanent Supportive Housing at Open Door Mission

Feb 16, 2015  |     |   General

At times on the Open Door Mission campus, we are have the opportunity to serve individuals and families while they are working to overcome and break the chains of addiction. With the recovery process of the Permanent Supportive Housing, we get to partner with our residents at a different stage. This is a longer stage. The stage that generally happens at the Permanent Supportive Housing, isn’t the reuniting of families, kicking the addiction, or graduating a program. It is the long road of knitting a family back together. We help families grow stronger together. 

Here is a video of one of our residents living with us in our Permanent Supportive Housing units. She is doing well and we get to be a key part in her life NOW! Thank you for your partnership in changing lives. Without our donors, this would not be possible.

Permanent Supportive Housing Director