Out On a Limb

Have you ever gone “out on a limb” for Jesus?  How important is it to you to understand Jesus? To Zacchaeus it was very important; in fact it changed his life. Zacchaeus was a short tax collector, in a country where tax collectors were considered thieves. He climbed a tree to see Jesus (a dignified man would not have done that). Jesus walked under the tree, looked up and saw Zacchaeus, then commanded he come down from the tree. To the shock and ire of the crowd Jesus announced he was going to Zacchaeus’ home for a meal. Jesus was going to the home of a “thief”, a tax collector and a “traitor” to the Jewish people. That simple visit changed Zacchaeus’ life for eternity.

Zacchaeus’ story shows that seeking Jesus is the best thing you can do. In Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program, those caught in addiction, despair and hopelessness learn how to seek Jesus. They go out on a limb to trust Jesus has a plan for their lives and that they were created to enjoy life abundantly. Many have never heard the Gospel message. That is why all guests are presented this lifesaving message. One of the most enlightening experiences at Open Door Mission is seeing the staff and volunteers “being Jesus” , leading by example.

Go out on a limb for Jesus, come volunteer your time to help others seeking Jesus. Your smile can make a world of difference to those in spiritual and emotional pain, just showing you care, shows them Jesus cares.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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