Out of the rubble…

Jul 13, 2011  |     |   General

This last weekend I was able to drive by the area where the Garland Thompson Men’s Center building was standing and now it is just a pile of rubble. This started me thinking back to when my life was in rubble. I was just three weeks out of surgery, my husband had just been sent to jail, and I was homeless with two children to care for. My children and I showed up at the men’s center, it was known then as the Open Door Mission, tired and broken. The wonderful staff nurtured and helped us rebuild our shattered lives. We became graduates of the New Life Program, found a place to live and I was even blessed with becoming an employee of the Open Door Mission.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our donors, I have witnessed the Open Door Mission rebuild and grow so they can continue to help those with broken lives. They have the new Lydia House for ladies and families. The Permanent Supportive Housing is now open to help out with low income housing. This building opened up just in time for me and my family. Due to the rising rental prices my son and I were forced to move to a motel room I could see our lives were starting to crumble. I found out that I qualify to live in one of these low income apartments and we have moved in, I will now be able to start saving money so that I can continue to rebuild my life.

Maybe around the same time that I am planning on moving into a new home, the homeless and broken men that come to the Open Door Mission will have a new building to move into so they can get the help they need to rebuild their lives.

Angela Casper
Development Associate/ Receptionist