Our Community Garden at Open Door Mission

Sep 18, 2014  |     |   General

Our garden season is slowly winding down, unfortunately. One of the big joys of my job is watching something grow from a seed. Squash, lettuce, watermelon, radishes, and so many more…they all start from something no bigger than a mustard seed. Then, bam! You have a beautiful green plant with some gorgeous flowers on it producing fruit! You know God is in the mix; only He could create something like this! 

There is still a lot to harvest — squash, watermelon, and we’re gonna try for one more round of radishes! And of course, what would a garden be without weeds? I thought they were gonna get the best of me, but was blessed with a group of volunteers that pitched in and helped pick every last one of them! Praises!!! Here is to good gardening!  

Gary Strubing