Operation Bedtime

Jun 20, 2006  |     |   General

Excitingly, Operation Bedtime just dropped off more than 2,000 adult and children books to the Open Door Mission and Lydia House. This is a fabulous program by Michael and Debbie Schmidt. Watch channels 6 and 42 to find out more tonight. Many of these books will be used in our Learning Centers and Day Camp.

This past weekend, we had a group from the First Church of the Nazarene in Co. Bluffs volunteer on Saturday morning. They did a great job, I might be partial since it is my home church. Some helped prepare and serve lunch, some played with the children and some sorted clothes and put our household goods in the Outreach Center. It was awesome to see adults and children working along side each other.

Thank you to Tom at NPDodge:) Tom donated College World Series tickets so that the men in the recovery program could attend a game, this week. This is an awesome highlight for the men.