Olive Gardens Night Out and much more….

Dec 18, 2007  |     |   General

What a wonderfully busy day it was yesterday around the Mission! I know so many ODM missionaries were involved with the HUGE ConAgra Cares dinner event that you may not have had time to notice that in Lydia House Recovery Program we were involved in a special event also.

Every December, our families are blessed with a dinner at Olive Garden! So yesterday was a great opportunity to help model and teach the ladies/families how to do all the little details of preparing for a nice dinner out.

I learned so much from the women/families about life skills that I take for granted I somehow “naturally” know how to do:
–We did manicures on those who were interested —do you know someone who doesn’t know what cuticle care is? I do.
–We cut, trimmed and styled hair —do you know someone who doesn’t know how to work shampoo through their hair to get it clean or get severe tangles out or use a curling iron? I do.
–We shopped at outreach for appropriate outfits –do you know someone who doesn’t know how to select properly fitted clothing or put together a coordinated outfit or how to choose proper shoes for going out in the winter weather? I do.
–We steamed out wrinkles, removed lint and hair, and sewed up holes – I heard questions like: “what does a garment steamer do?, what is a lint roller?, and how do I fix this hole?”

Your Lydia House ladies prayed, sang Christmas songs, talked about good manners, ate too much chocolate fondue (“what’s fondue?; why do they call it fondue?”), and cheered on each other’s growth steps toward “godly femininity”!

All that we did yesterday may seem like insignificant or even frivolous activities to some people however, if you could have seen the true joy and sense of self-confidence on the faces of our ladies/families as they posed for photos with their attractive hairstyles and holiday attire you would understand what a blessing it was to be part of it!!

This morning: one family member remarked that now they know “how it feels to be rich”. Another person reported that they surprised to be “overjoyed and having so much fun without using and having the opportunity to watch their children celebrate Christmas for the first time as a sober parent”. Another client expressed “gratitude for the memorable day of pampering both body and soul”.

Tomorrow is our last day of program classes until after the New Year. Please keep our women and families in your prayers as many do not have anywhere to go for the holidays and although the Lydia House staff will still be here, the break in regularly scheduled activities and programs is often multiple opportunities for the evil one try to snatch them away.

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

Many blessings to all,