OH! What Fun at Open Door Mission

Aug 30, 2014  |     |   General

Every Tuesday Karen Cata volunteers in the Bright Space with our young children.  They make her play food, and she proclaims it delicious. They show her their “owies” and she gives them hugs.  They love her, and I know she loves them too.  During the end of the activity this week I joined them while they ate their crunchy Cheetos.  One of the kids offered me a Cheeto, to which I exclaimed ,”THANK YOU!” and dramatically gulped it down.  Immediately it became a game and all of the kids were offering me their Cheetos.  
One little girl in particular, 2 years old, offered me one.  With all the sillyness I could muster I said “Oh my goodness, how wonderful!  THANK YOU!” and threw the Cheeto in my mouth.  And then I froze.  I immediately knew that this Cheeto had already been in a mouth, in fact, I could taste where half of it had been gummed to the point that no cheese was left.  I looked at the little girl and she smiled back at me, completely oblivious as to why this would be a problem.  After all, she was sharing with me.  So I smiled back, finished chewing, and swallowed the Cheeto.  Just  another day at the Mission 🙂
Rachel Fisher

Children & Youth Director