Notes From the Thankful Box

Nov 24, 2015  |     |   General

     It took me a while to gather up the Thankful Box notes last week.  I am pleased to report that they have multiplied dramatically!  Here are two entire notes that I found to be truly inspiring:
     “I am thankful that God has not given up on me, knowing what I have deliberately done in my past, over and over again.  It makes me wonder why He has not turned His back on me. How could He love someone like me? Why has He given me not only few, but a hundred chances to start over?  Now, since coming to the Lydia House and joining the New Life Recovery Program, I see that to Him, I am perfect.  His love is so passionate and unconditional.  He leaves me speechless”
     “I am so grateful and thankful to God for giving me LIFE, because what I had before was not even living!  No matter the problems that I have been through, God has given me strength and He has delivered me from the hate that I kept in my heart.  I have been shown more love in the past few months at the Lydia House than I have been shown after years on the streets.  Most of all, God has given me that love that I cannot live without.”
     As we enter this holiday of Thanksgiving, remember just how much there is to be thankful for!

Shelly McCullough
Day House Supervisor