No Picnic for the Homeless

Jul 9, 2010  |     |   General

A couple of weeks ago I worked with a group of volunteers on a picnic basket mailing. They came to Open Door Mission to serve. In the beginning, they hesitated because several thought they were going to serve a meal. I’m sure a few even scratched their head at the thought of stuffing envelopes for the Lord.

The task was huge. We were stuffing 80,000 envelopes in one week. Those of us who have worked on such a massive project before thought it was crazy to get the job done in ONE WEEK. An email went our asking for help, and almost 100 people came to volunteer one Saturday. As groups came to volunteer during the week, we kept plugging away.

On Friday we were down to 35,000—I thought this an impossible task, but not so. A group of women from GFWC were in Omaha for a national convention. Over 70 came throughout the day. They were from all over the country and from many walks of life. You know what? It was a great day. Not only did we finish the project, we shared much wisdom. We shared what God has done and continues to do at Open Door Mission.

Those volunteers saved us thousands of dollars. In fact, because of the work of almost 10,000 volunteers last year, many lives have been transformed. Without these caring people, many men, women, and children would never be able to transition back into the community – independent and self-sufficient.

You may receive a “picnic basket” in your home in July. When you do, thank God for the many hands that worked on this project and the lives changed by the support of thousands from the Heartland. Please consider returning the envelope with your gift.

For more information on opportunities to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty check us out at or give me a call at (402)829-1518.

Karen Applegate
Advancement Director

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  1. I am a member of the GFWC and it never stops amazing me the amount of work and volunteer hours we give. Also the things we accomplish for others. We all need to remember that others are not always as fortunate as we are. So all of us need to keep up the good work of helping others just from our hearts. way to open door mission and GFWC for answering another call!!!.

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