No God, No Peace: Know God, Know Peace

Feb 2, 2012  |     |   General

I am often asked, “Isn’t it so difficult working with the homeless?” And there are days, but the opportunity to share in a life a person who is hopeless, and share their pain in order to earn the right to share the grace and truth that can transform that person into a man with a future and a hope. Recently, I received a phone call from a man, Sahara. I had worked with in 2006. He spent several months in the program, but was never willing to fully surrender to Christ. But thankfully the way God works in a person’s life, is not dependent upon our ability, but our availability! He asked me if I was surprised to hear from him, and said “I was.” He then told me, “I called to let you know that I am graduating from the University of Minnesota, and I just wanted to send you an invitation.” He thanked me for the time I invested in his life, that he never forgot that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!

John Lindsey
Garland Thompson Men’s Center