Never Underestimate the Timing of the Lord or the Power of a Woman on a Mission…

Jul 30, 2012  |     |   General

Retonya and co-worker Stacy saw that Open Door Mission needed fans, the shelves were empty and people were asking for fans. So they called up Open Door Mission and said what can we do? What they did was awesome. In about three days they managed to get the Woodman of the World Alpha Lodge 6124 to provide 65 new fans for those in need. In three days everyone came together to make a difference in the lives of the homeless and near homeless suffering in the summer heat. A big THANK YOU to Alpha Lodge 6124 for choosing to act and give hope and cooling fans to those they will never meet, but that have a heart of compassion for.

Open Door Mission needs fans. Almost as soon as we receive some at the back door, they are gone out the front door because the need is so great. What can you do in in three days at your church, business and organization? Would you collect fans to help those in need? You can have longer than three days; we just want to encourage you to provide some fans, bottled water or sunscreen for those in need. Please call Maggie today at 402-422-1111 or you can e-mail Maggie to start your own Beat the Heat Drive.