My Friend, Clifton

Nov 7, 2017  |     |   General

     This is my friend, Clifton. He had a great laugh and was a wicked chess player. Our first meeting together was not all smiles, however. In 2001, I was meeting with the men in the chapel of our old Men’s Center. Clifton jumped up on a chair – all 6’4” and 250+ pounds and loudly shouted, “I demand a recount. I want Steve Gregory to be in charge – he’s the boss.”
     I said, “Mr. Pope, sit down right now.” Clifton was homeless, but after being at the Mission got back on his feet and a found a home. BUT he always registered for Thanksgiving assistance. Every year is has been fun to catch up.
     This past Saturday, the Open Door Mission team registered thousands of families for a frozen turkey and a fixin’s box. Thank you for your prayers for the team that greeted and served our friends that are #homelessnomore, but still struggling to make ends meet.
     Please continue to pray that Open Door Mission has enough turkeys and non-perishable foods for every household in need. Rejoice with me for Clifton…he truly is #homelessnomore as he is in his heavenly home.

Candace Gregory