Mustard Seed Program Provides an Opportunity

Did you know that the Mustard Seed Program provides the opportunity for graduates of the New Life Recovery Program to begin or restart their higher education? I was a past graduate and recipient of a mustard seed scholarship. Prior to joining the program at the Open Door Mission, I had dropped out of college with multiple withdrawals and failing grades due to my substance abuse. This led to my homelessness and it was not until the Lord would lead me to the Open Door Mission would my life finally change. After graduating from the New Life Recovery Program, I wanted to give my higher education another shot but I simply did not have the funding. The generosity of the donations through the Mustard Seed Program helped create a way so that I could begin this process! I worked my way through Metropolitan Community College and eventually began earning excellent grades again. Now, I am a Senior at Creighton University in my final semesters and working full time at Open Door Mission. I have earned other excellent scholarships along the way but I will never forget the Mustard Seed Program and how it gave me a chance at continuing my education!

-Written by John Horsechief

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