Mountain Top or Valley?

As a Christian I love those “mountain top” experiences. Those times when everything seems to go right and God has lifted you up to highest mountain. Oh, how I long to stay with that feeling…the rarified air of knowing you are in sync with what God wants for you.The longer you try to stay on the mountain top you begin to notice that it is barren, little to no growth. It is cold and you are buffeted by harsh winds. We are not meant to stay on the mountain. Look down into the valley.

In the valley is growth and a rich variety of experiences. In the valley God can work with you, helping you grow in faith and experience, so you can carry on the kingdom work. Growth is not always pleasant, such as ugly weeds being yanked out of your life. Raking the soil to stir up where you are planted, pruning off the parts  that aren’t growing

and sometimes even transplanting you to a different spot in the valley for better growth. At Open Door Mission, we work with and teach our guests to see that “valley growth” is so very important in their Christian walk. So, while you may long for that mountain top experience the valley is where you grow closer to God.







Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator

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