Mother Robin

Jul 26, 2010  |     |   General

Working at Lydia House, you see first-hand the effects of the current economic crisis. Women and families are losing jobs and homes. Fear of the unknown shows on the faces of our new residents as they enter the building. You can see they are fighting the instinct to just run away. However, after a short time of being shown God’s love and hearing a few kind words, they begin to calm down and make the decision to stay. This is when we, as staff, begin to see a new trust in God blossom in them. As a result, in a few short weeks, they have begun to learn how to survive and are getting ready to move out and take care of themselves.

I want to share a story with you about a mother robin who decided to build her nest on the entrance lamppost at my home. This lamp is only about two feet from my face as I walk by everyday. This bird has been perched on top of this nest for several weeks; frozen, never moving an inch and fighting every instinct to fly away when I pass. She is believing me to not harm her or her young. Seeing this, has helped me realize how much trust this mother has put in me. That brings to mind the residents at Lydia House putting their trust in all our staff. We must all act much like this mother robin and trust the Lord to keep harm and chaos at bay, protecting us and our families.

Angela Casper
Lydia House Night Supervisor

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