Mighty Men of God!

Many people don’t realize that part of Open Door Mission’s is to encourage our guest to give back to the community. During the first week of May our “mighty men” reached out to Plattsmouth to help with flood cleanup. Their efforts were much appreciated and well documented.

On Wednesday Dan Krueger and I had the privilege to lead a group of 20 men to the devastated town of Pacific Junction to help with the flood relief need. With the waters reaching 10 feet up to the house, everything

in about 200 houses in that town have to be gutted. We were able to help 2 families in 2 homes by what they call “mucking.”

In a mix of water, sewage, and jet fuel, we went into the house and removed everything, including all of the drywall and insulation, all the way down to the studs. Literally everything that these people owned turned into a heaping trash pile in their drive way. Now the people need hope and hands to restore what they have lost.

The men in our program did an absolutely amazing job showing hard work, teamwork, and perseverance through all of the muck. They enjoyed helping so much that every single person wants to go back andhelp again, so we are going back next week for another round of “mucking.”

Please pray for the people of Pacific Junction that they would see God’s goodness and faithfulness in the midst of the devastation.



Jacob Carr

Recovery Case Manager

Guest Blogger

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