Message from Maggie

Jun 24, 2008  |     |   General

I have been at Open Door Mission in a couple of different jobs over the past 5 plus years. I loved working with the clients and I love my job now as the Communications Coordinator, but what I love most is that here at the mission not only do we help the clients grow spiritually-we grow spiritually. The past 12 years God has taken me on a journey I didn’t want to go on-long story short-I haven’t seen or talked to my daughter for 12 years. Like many of our clients I railed against God for allowing me to be in a place in my life I didn’t want to be-forgetting that my own disobedience led to the situation. I was often asked how I coped-my answer was: God had promised reconciliation in His time and in His place. Over the past 5 years I found that only saying the words wasn’t truly trusting God-to be real before God, to be real with myself, but above all to be a true light of God’s love and faithfulness to others I had to trust God totally and without reservation. As I begin to share with the clients and others about God’s great grace and forgiveness I found my faith growing-as some of the clients saw my dependence on God as a sure and firm rock they began to trust God more too. I tried to show the clients that joy is not dependent on circumstances, but on faith in God. Psalms 31:19 21 tells us that God has stored up good for us and will show His wonderful love to us-we are just to trust and obey. How has God overwhelmed me with His love? My daughter called me last Saturday and we talked for an hour-with the promise of more phone calls. To God be the glory-great things He has done. He can do great things for you too-volunteer at Open Door Mission and see how not only, will you make a difference and change lives, your life will be changed too.