Medical Solutions has the Solution…

Aug 3, 2012  |     |   General

Medical Solutions has a definite solution for the hot weather-WATER! They donated six and a half pallets of water to Open Door Mission so we can help those on the street. Water is vital in these high temperature days to keep people from becoming dehydrated. Open Door Mission goes out on “water patrol” daily when the temperatures are in triple digits to make sure the homeless and needy are provide with a bottle of cold water. Medical Solutions knows how important water is to maintain health so they reached out to provide 476 cases of water so Open Door Mission can continue to do “water patrols” as well as providing water to those coming in to eat at lunch time.

You can help provide lifesaving and refreshing water by donating bottled water to Open Door Mission at the receiving center (2107 East Locust St) or by sponsoring a Beat the Heat drive to collect, water, fans and sunscreen. A simple bottle of water can refresh and give hope to those in need.

Call Maggie today at 402- 422-1111 to see how you can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.