Matthew Shows Compassion In A Special Way

Aug 18, 2009  |     |   General

Matthew recently turned 6 years old. He decided he wanted a very special birthday party-and not what you might expect. Matthew told his mother Sharon that he didn’t want any gifts for himself-he wanted donations for Open Door Mission. So for his birthday, he celebrated with his family and friends and asked them donate to provide food for Open Door Mission. A BIG THANK YOU to Matthew and his family.

Matthew’s compassion for others is a blessing to those hungry in the metro area. Thanks to Matthew’s concern for others Open Door Mission can serve over 1,500 meals a day to children, families, women and men who might not otherwise have a meal. Matthew is providing hope by first meeting a basic need. Matthew has a heart for the hungry, homeless and hurting. If you would like to help Open Door Mission like Mathew did please contact us.

Maggie Cope

Communications Coordinator