Mark’s Testimony

Jul 31, 2017  |     |   General

     I started using drugs at the age of 12 and have had problems with alcohol and drugs most of my life. It has kept me from having any kind of normal life and has gotten me arrested numerous times. I have been to prison four different times, and the last one was for conspiring to manufacture meth. 
     I ended up at Open Door Mission because I overdosed and was brought from Des Moines, Iowa, to Methodist Hospital in Omaha in the back of an ambulance. I have made a choice that I don’t want to live like that anymore, so I joined the New Life Recovery Program.
     My life has turned around. I go to church and attend The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) here at Open Door Mission. I also work in the Mission’s Summer of Hope Garden and have an awesome relationship with my higher power – Jesus Christ. Today, I try to do God’s will instead of my own, pray daily, and read the Bible. 
     I want to thank all the staff and volunteers at Open Door Mission, my brothers in Christ, and Jesus. Without Him, none of this would be possible in my life.

Open Door Mission Graduate