Making Mission Possible a Possibility

May 30, 2017  |     |   General

     Can you walk? If so, you can run! If you can hit a few “This Weekend Only” or “Biggest Sale of the Year” sales in an hour this weekend, then you can run or walk a 5K! Open Door Mission’s and Runza’s Mission Possible 5K/10K is coming up on Sunday, June 4! 
     Still hesitant? Let me paint a picture for you. Here’s your chance to make a difference! Maybe you need a difference in your workout regimen that has become dull and boring. Or maybe you are just starting a workout routine? Running and walking are great for increasing endurance, sculpting strong lean muscles and torching major calories! 
     But the difference you’ll be making extends much farther beyond a new hot body. Did you know that there are approximately 12,500 5K races across the country every single year? And guess what else? The majority of these races are attached to a specific charity or notable cause. Amazing right? Be a part of this movement!
     Speaking of movements, did you know that an average wolf pack (yes, the four legged animal) consists of 12 wolves? Why? Because they are smart! Rolling solo is not only boring, but it also makes you a huge target for predators. Here I think of “predators” as excuses for not running a 5K. So get your “pack” together! Accountability is everything when it comes to achieving a goal. Just imagine the bonding experience you can have with your friends and family while training for and running Mission Possible 5K/10K! 
     Think about it: how often do you get the chance to break a sweat, achieve a personal goal, and feed hungry men, women, and children in our community all at the same time? So make it bigger than a race, than you, or than me and truly make a difference in our community!

Dawn Lindsey
Communications Specialist