“Make a U-turn”

Are you directionally challenged? I am very directionally challenged, so my son gave me a GPS, the greatest gift ever! I think the GPS’ favorite phrase is “Make a U-turn”. I have taken some scenic and not so scenic side roads in order to make a U-turn. Sometimes my GPS has even taken me to dead ends or told me certain addresses don’t exist.

The hurting people that come to Open Door Mission often need to “make a U-turn” in their life.  God isn’t like my GPS, He doesn’t constantly tell me to make a U-turn…He brings others into my life to help guide me back to the right road. At Open Door Mission the staff, as a whole, works with love to help the guests untangle their lives and get back on the right road to a Godly life of hope. It is scary when you aren’t sure where you are going or how to get there. We help our guests find their true north-God. God should be our GPS for living. Having God as our life GPS doesn’t mean we won’t be making U-turns, it means we can totally trust Him to get us back on the right path. God doesn’t take us to places we don’t belong. He definitely doesn’t take us to dead ends. God is the GPS to a better life of hope and eternal life in Heaven. Pray for those at Open Door Mission seeking the right road to an abundant life.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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