Lydia House

So many of our days at a job like this are filled with stress, confrontation and frustration. Today I want to give you some good news! Recently, a lady left the overflow room in the Lydia House (LH) and she wrote out an exit interview. On this interview she wrote that her favorite thing about the Lydia House was the “peaceful, kind staff”. She stated that we were very helpful and she was “comfortable and treated with respect here” and she is very grateful!

Another one of our ladies was recently given a family room so she could be reunited with her boys. She told me in tears that this would never have happened if it were not for the LH.

Greg helped get keys out of a locked car for one of our ladies. She wrote a note saying “Very few people would have taken the time to do that for her”. She was so thankful!

We had a lady that was taken to the ER and had her appendix removed. She was thankful to be sleeping on a mat although she was in immense pain. I asked Ronda, an employee of Open Door Mission, if we could quickly move her to a room so she could recover in a bed. Ronda made this happen and this guest has thanked us more times than I can count.

Last, I had a Parole Officer call me today about one of his ladies who used to be in the New Life Recovery Program. He stated that he is thankful we are firm with his clients. He said the ladies tell him they do not get away with stuff here and yet they are still thankful to be here. He then told me that whatever we are doing, keep doing it!

Shelly McCullough
Case Manager

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