Lydia House Success Story

One of our past guest’s stopped by the Lydia House, today. She wanted us to know that she
appreciates the Lydia House. She has stayed sober since she left, has her own apartment and job. She has custody of her children. She also graduated the Hero program at Stephen’s Center. She told Shelly numerous times how much she appreciated the staff here. She said we were tough, but we supported her! She also said that in her past, she had grown so accustomed to breaking the rules, she had to completely learn a new way of thinking. She let me know that she broke her share of rules here, but is grateful that we did not put up with it.

She now says that she takes it day by day, but still shows up and “does it” I thanked her for coming back to tell us! We need to hear the good news❤ this is such a good report from Shelly the Lydia House Overflow Case Manager.

Candace Gregory

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