Lydia House-Guest Blogger Angela Casper

May 18, 2007  |     |   General

Hello from the Lydia House,

My name is Angela and I am the full time, overnight supervisor for the ladies and families at the Lydia House. My shift is a quiet one, with everyone tucked in safely for the night. My night is spent with a computer and the Lord by my side. There is an occasional night when a person can’t sleep and I am there to listen to their problems and then we are able to pray together. I also will be the first friendly face people see, when they come to the mission in the middle of the night. My heart wants to break in two, when I see the lost and hopeless look on their faces when they show up.

Just recently my days shifted around and I am now blessed with the fact that I am working on Sunday mornings. I had the privilege of witnessing God in action. I was on the Recovery side and everyone was getting ready for church. I could hear songs of worship coming from everywhere. Those who passed by the office I was in, had huge smiles on there face and hope was shining from there eyes as they looked inside. What a huge difference from just a few months ago. When these same people who came in hopeless and depressed, were now singing and praising about our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise God.