Lunch is Served

The evening before, we were slow cooking pork shoulders for pulled pork the next day for lunch. But, when I came into work this morning, the pork was not cooked enough to pull apart!
With only 45 minutes until lunch, I was worried that I didn’t have anything prepared for our guests to eat! At that moment, I had no volunteers and no back-up plan.
I started to panic. Fear washed over me that there would be nothing to eat. And then, I heard a calming “ding” from the back dock’s doorbell. I open the door to find a generous donor with 125 pounds of hot dogs and about 1/4 even had hot dog buns!
I was incredibly thankful. But once again began panicking that I would have to get all of the meat panned up, cooked, and ready to serve all by myself. That’s when the kitchen’s other doorbell rang. When I opened the door, three smiling volunteers asked me if I needed any help today. I looked up to the sky, laughing, “Thank you God for helping me today. I love it when you do this.” I was instantly calm and lunch ended up being a success.
I am so thankful to have a Father that cares even about the little details. All glory to HIM!

Gary Hughes 
Community Kitchen Chef

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