Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Evelyn from the Timberlake Outreach Center is sharing a special moment of guest/staff interaction that makes working at Open Door Mission so special.

I am so honored and grateful to serve alongside beautiful co-workers like Mikayla. Today at the very end of our work day, we served a homeless man that walked to the Timberlake Outreach Center, he had some wounds that were bleeding and Mikayla took her time to care for him. She cleaned his wounds and then help him bagged the items he got. He said the tires on his bicycle were slashed so he could not use his bike come to Timberlake Outreach Center as usual. We found a wagon for him to carry his items because the bags were heavy. God provides exactly what we need at the right time. I know that sometimes it is hard to go out of your comfort zone, but we have a calling form God to love our neighbor as ourselves and that calling is powerful when we listen to Him. Today I saw and lived that, as I watch Mikayla put “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself “into action.





Evelyn Valdez
Guest Blogger 

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