Love Those Students

Aug 31, 2012  |     |   General

I recently had the opportunity to speak to two of Mrs. Robinson’s classes at Millard South. I am a little bias because I love to talk to the youth about Open Door Mission, poverty and homelessness; but both classes were awesome. I shared about how we often have preconceptions about people in poverty or that are homeless. We need to step back and look with eyes of compassion and caring not judgment at those less fortunate. Students are great to talk to because in spite of what some think they are not selfish but very caring and compassionate. I have found that especially high school students are willing to come and volunteer or organize drives for needed items.

Mrs. Robinson’s classes were interested and asked questions. They were honest about having preconceptions and were willing to look at facts & figures to see the causes of homelessness and poverty…and then change their perceptions and attitudes toward the less fortunate. They saw that their actions could make a difference in someone’s life. Some took extra brochures to share with friends and teammates. Some came to tell me that they too had experienced some of the painful and sad situations of poverty in their own lives. Some shared they had family members that were caught up in drugs and other addictions and were worried those they love and cared about would soon be homeless. Then there were those that shared they had family that had been helped by Open Door Mission, and had been treated with dignity and respect.

I find that no matter what school or what school district I go to I hear similar stories. I have never heard a single word of disrespect about Open Door Mission. Those whose lives are helped are grateful, those that have volunteered are glad they served and those that have never known what Open Door Mission is all about go away with a new respect for the clients we serve and the things we do. I am proud to share about Open Door Mission. I would love to share at your school, business, organization or social group how YOU can help Open Door Mission make a difference in YOUR community.

Maggie Cope