Lives are being Changed!

Jul 6, 2011  |     |   General

I have been working with the families at the mission for 14 yrs. It is heartbreaking to hear their stories, it is comforting to know they have found shelter at the Lydia House. It’s frustrating watching them look for work and save money. Not everyone wants to rent to a person coming from a homeless shelter, that too can be wearisome. However, this week, not one, not two but three of my families have found work and homes to live in. A single dad with two teenagers has been with us for a year. A single mom that just got her children back as been with us 9 mo. and a single mom with a pre-teen son has been with us 14 months. All these families came fearful and hopeless. Through the programs at the Lydia House, they leave refreshed in spirit, revitalized in faith and renewed hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to work at the Lydia House and watch God work in miraculous ways, daily!

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Assistant Director of Lydia House